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Congratulations to all of our Team Drivers!
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Congratulations to our team drivers for great results and winning the 2014 Kid Kart Nationals Comer Unrestricted National Championship again!!!

25MM PKT Axle Noonan Carbon Fiber Foot Board 10" Kid Kart
List Price: $115.00
Our Price: $115.00
Our Price: $59.99
PKT's "New" for 2011 25mm 2.6 lb. Hollow Chromemoly Kid Kart Axle. Our new 970mm axle allows maximum track width when using the narrow kid kart hubs and wheels. The industry leader has improved once again! Reduce your rotating weight by up to 5 lbs. over solid steel axles. This axle replaces PKT 25-915-B2 & PKT 25-915-21. Carbon Fiber Foot Board 10" Kid Kart
Carbon Fiber Replacement Foot Board for Kid Kart 10" Wide Foot Box® Pedal Riser System. This Up Grade, Replacement Foot board will fit any of the existing pedal riser systems that have the "Noonan Kart Racing" name engraved into the side plates. Made from aerospace Carbon Fiber this is really a trick piece to upgrade or replace the original foot board. I comes with the new Noonan Kart Racing "N" Carbon Logo made of the thick tuff stuff decal materiel to take the wear and tear.
Mychron 5 PKT Sprocket Carrier
List Price: $499.95
Our Price: $499.95
List Price: $64.95
Our Price: $64.95
Sale Price: $62.05
You save $2.90!
Mychon 5
Mychron 5 PKT's New LW Sprocket carriers. These LW carriers are super precision and designed for kart racing. There are 3 new carriers available. A new 3 spoke LW 25mm carrier for Kid Kart Racing and a new 3 and 6 spoke LW 30mm carrier for Kid kart and cadet racing. Finished in black anodize and laser engraved. Sold individually.
Sniper SA Inox Chain Aligner Douglas 3 1/4" Kid Kart Wheel
List Price: $69.00
Our Price: $69.00
Sale Price: $67.00
You save $2.00!
Our Price: $38.99
Sale Price: $38.99
The hot set up to increase tire circumference and decrease rolling resistance. All this while running lower tire pressures. Metric and American bolt pattern.

Today's Super Deal!

KartLift Chassis Skid Pads

List Price: $55.00
Our Price: $55.00
The new Chassis Skid Plates are in. Protect that chassis investment with these HDPE skid plates.

Top Sellers

Vega Trak CMR2007 Karting Helmet
Sale Price: $134.95
Extron Composite Sprocket
Our Price: $22.95
Vega Trak CMR2007 Karting Helmet
Our Price: $144.95

New Products

Freeline Fuel Line
Sale Price: $2.25
Margay WildCat
Our Price: $3,095.00
Briggs & Stratton Jr. 206 Kid Kart Engine
Our Price: $600.00
Comer C50/51 Motor Mount
Our Price: $96.00
Comer C50/51 Motor Mount
Our Price: $135.00