Excel Racing, LLC
"Racing Is Our Passion"

Excel Racing, LLC. was formed out of the pure and simple love of racing.  As soon as our son could walk and talk all he ever talked about was racing!  It didn't matter what type he just wanted to race.  At 3 1/2 we met gentleman at an auto show that gave him a brochure to come to a race school when he turned 5.  I actually forgot about the brochure until my son (now 5) brought me the brochure.  He was in the drivers seat the very next week and in his first kart race within 3 weeks.  I literally knew nothing about kart racing or how to work on the kart.  We come a long way since those early days.  We continue to race and help drivers and other teams throughout the U.S.  

Thank you for choosing Excel Racing, LLC.
8218 26th Street Southeast
Buffalo, MN 55313
(612) 208-6678